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The Importance of Olive Wood Crucifixes

The Importance of Olive Wood Crucifixes

You’ve probably seen an olive wood crucifix cross around someone’s neck, on a colleague’s desk or at church.

Some Christians carry the crosses in the pockets, while some gift them to their loved ones.

If you’ve ever been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, then you must have seen many of these wooden crosses displayed in gift shops.

They are exceptionally beautiful, smell wonderfully, and provide the wearer with a special connection to the very land where the savior walked.

Today, anyone can buy an olive wood cross from a selection of online stores.

Olive trees are native to the Holy Land where they have been carefully cultivated since time immemorial.

Olive Wood Crucifix







Historians postulate that the first groves of olive trees thrived in the Holy Land and along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean around 4,000 B.C.

Olive trees grow very slowly and depending on the conditions, can live for hundreds of years.

After the first two hundred years of growth, the trunk of the olive tree virtually disappears to pave way for the development of new shoots at the base.

It is this new shoots that eventually grow into a new tree. Due to this ability to regenerate, olive trees are commonly referred to as “immortal” trees.

In the Holy Land, olive trees are carefully protected and it is rare to find a whole tree chopped down.

The wood from which olive wood crucifixes are made mostly comes from trimmed branches.

The branches of these trees are trimmed on an annual basis to improve the tree’s overall health and boost their productivity.

You can rest easy knowing that no tree was harmed or killed to provide wood used to make your venerated olive wood cross.

Why is olive wood so important to Christians?



Olive Wood Crucifix CrossThe olive tree has tremendous religious and sentimental significance.

According to the bible, it’s believed that Jesus prayed beneath an olive tree in the garden of Gethsemane immediately after the last supper.

In this way, the olive tree featured prominently in the last hours of Jesus as a mortal man walking on earth.

It is also from this spot that Jesus ascended to heaven after resurrection. More importantly, this sacred tree still stands today, more than 2, 000 years later.

In the bible, the olive tree is repeatedly referred to as a symbol of peace, prosperity and fertility, so much that during the flood, Noah dispatched a dove to find out if dry land could be found.

When the dove returned, it carried a branch from an olive tree, confirming the presence of dry land once again and more importantly, signifying that god’s wrath had abated and peace could once again reign over the land.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land stands out among the list of things many a Christian person would like to do while alive.

However, due to the perpetual security concerns coupled by the high cost of travel and accommodation in the Holy Land, not many Christians are able to, or feel comfortable making this holy journey.

Thankfully wearing or owning an olive wood crucifix is an easy way to carry a part of the Holy Land around with ease and security.

Thanks to the religious importance of olive wood, many artists professionalized creating works from olive wood.

The creations are varied and they include unique souvenirs such as olive wood rosaries, Jesus statues, virgin Mary sculpture and olive wood crucifixes.

Details of the crucifixes

The olive wood crucifixes come in all sizes, many are small in many cases measuring 1 ¼ inch long. To make them more portable, they have a small hole drilled at the top through which you can put your own string.

You can also buy a whole bunch of them and keep them in a bowl at church, offering them to anyone who comes in.

Small Crucifix Wood CrossYou can purchase these crosses to give as gifts, bundle them with welcome packets or for your own use.

The olive tree truly stands as the perfect personification of man’s historical memory on earth.

These crosses are especially beneficial to teenagers and children for their sentimental value, whether they choose to carry, wear them or place them in a special place.

It is a tee that possess the highest endurance and fruitful capacity. An olive wood crucifix is sure to adorn any room and constantly remind you that you are at peace with God.

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