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Lavender and Frankincense Incense

Product Description

Lavender and Frankincense Incense

This light scent of Lavender floral mixed with the rich aroma of Frankincense is reminiscent of early Rome and St. Peter's ministries establishing and spreading Christianity to the world.

The smoke of the burned incense is a representative of our prayers rising to heaven.

In ancient times, the delightful scent of the incense filled the Holy Temple and lingered over the city of Jerusalem. It was much loved by God of all other sacrificial's.

The incense is a symbol for purification. It is used for ritual cleansing. The burning of incense removes all impurities and leaves only the essence for the Blessing of God.

Burn the Incense and Let the light aromatic smell purify your home.

The incense is associated with Divine, Protection from harm and illness and those who offered it were rewarded by haven with abundant wealth.

The smoke of the incense is a representative of our adoration and prayers rising to heaven.

1oz. ~ It comes to you in a durable box to keep fresh and easy to re-use.

Every box comes with Description of "How to burn the Incense"
A tablet of Charcoal enclosed with every box.

This item is shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey and should reach you in 7 days if you are ordering from USA.

International customers shipping is between 10 days and 2 weeks.


God has poured out his love into our hearts

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