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Olive Wood Cross 2" Pack Of 25

Product Description
Excellent Giveaway gift for Retreats, Conferences, Church Members, Schools, Special Meetings, Holidays and every day when the moment is right to help or cheer someone.

Encourage others to pray by giving them this hand made Olive Wood Pocket Crosses.
Inspire and Share your Message!

A small token of attention - is the stuff that miracles are made off.

The Olive-Wood Pocket Crosses are hand made in Bethlehem.

No two pieces are alike.

A very small hole on top ~ Keep it in your pocket or hang on a thin chain.

They come to you with a card "About the Olive Wood of Jerusalem"
Size: 2" x 1.5" - Item # CR-PC

This item is shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey and should reach you in 7 days if you are ordering from USA.

International customers shipping is between 10 days and 2 weeks.


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